Amandine Paradis - artiste peintre
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I find the impact of all the lights, colours, shapes and fullness of the space that surrounds me too impressive to stay silent! Words however are not sufficient to deliver the impact I feel, it is for this reason that my journal is visual. As I work, the intimate feelings of my body fill the pages of my notebook.

At some point the stage of cutting, tearing, and pasting, drawing and painting is finished. I feel the work is understood and in some sense digested, I must now share it.

My original painting is of a small, notebook size. Now it is in a finished state I want to magnify it several times. I would not want any admirers of my work to feel that they were shut inside the small hidden almost selfish world of the notebook. This magnification could be achieved by printing which could also transfer to cover PVC or vinyl.

It would also be interesting to leave the choice of size and format to those other, interested persons. After all, I felt a powerful emotion, which I expressed in my work. These others also have feelings which they might like to add to the work, perhaps by changing the size.